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BUYING: We pay up to 10% of the cover price in cash for books that are accepted for purchase. Books must be in demand at the store, have a retail value and be in good condition before they can be accepted.

TRADING: We will give up to 25% of the cover price in credit to be used to trade for other books in the store. Books can only be traded under the same circumstances as in BUYING. When using your credit to get other books to read, we offer a large collection of our books that are sold for 50% of the cover price. Your credit can also be used for any sale books or 'starter sets'. If you do not use all of your credit, it will be held over to be used on a future visit.

Any books marked BUY ONLY are not available to be used against your trade credit.

SELLING: Generally books are sold at 50% of the cover price unless the condition, demand or collectability makes them worth more or less. These books are clearly marked with the price. There are many books that are SALE priced for $.50 to $.75. We also offer 'starter sets' at a very reduced price. These 'starter sets' are usually several books by the same author for an introduction to their style of writing, again at an inexpensive price.

Rainbow Books accepts cash, checks, debit/credit cards and traveler's checks. Gift certificates can be purchased at any time.

FINAL CONDITIONS: We are sorry but we are unable to allow all of our books to be traded. All transactions are final and/or approved by the person behind the desk.