Our Story

Laurie Deines moved, with her family, to Boise in 1989. Finding the original store shortly after arriving in Boise was a dream come true. Her love of books, and her knowledge about books were the perfect match for a little store that needed a lot of care and resurrecting. Many long hours of cleaning and sorting, combined with her husband’s handcrafted wood shelves, brought the little corner store back to life.

It was not long afterwards that the store outgrew its small corner and the current location was purchased. Again, the rearranging and construction of many more shelves began, and soon Rainbow Books became the store it is today. In 1999 when Megan (Laurie’s daughter) was born, the time came for more help. With unbelievable fate, Lindy was there to take the call. She had a new son, and together they split the hours needed at the store and have become the ‘dynamic duo’ of used bookstores.