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What’s Megan’s ANI-MEALS?

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Megan Deines, a self-proclaimed animal lover, turned 13 on February 22nd. Since Megan was eight years old she has requested pet food instead of presents from her family and friends to be donated to local no-kill shelters. Megan now has her own food for homeless pets drive in the city of Boise Idaho. Megan is supported by Lewis & Clark Middle School, 4141 East Pine Avenue in Meridian, and Rainbow Books Idaho, 1310 W. State St. in Boise. Megan wants to set new records every year for pounds of food and dollars for those pets without a home. She’d also like to challenge other teens from other cities to do the same for their local shelters. Megan believes one person can make a difference, and she has.

Payment required - All Megan asks are donations of cat and dog food in any amount you feel you’d like or are able to give. Your help is greatly appreciated.